3M Skin Prep PVP 5%

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3M Skin Prep 5% 500ml
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3M Skin Prep 5% 100ml
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<p>Povidone-Iodine Solution IP 5%<br />Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity which is effective for pre-operative patient preparation and post-operative skin antisepsis.<br />Kills bacteria and fungi as soon as it is applied on the skin.<br />Water-based antiseptic skin preparation which inhibits the growth of microbes where it is applied .<br />Suitable for post-surgical antisepsis and prophylactic casualty procedures against infections of burns, lacerations and abrasions of minor nature.<br />Penetrates scaly and cracked skin easily and is compatible to skin.</p>
<p>Available in : 100ml and 500ml bottles</p>