3M CHG + Iso propanol Skin Prep

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8626IN Skin Prep CHG+IPA 500ml
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8627IN Skin Prep CHG+IPA 100ml
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Chlorhexidine Gluconate IP 10% v/v (Equivalent 2% w/v Chlorhexidine Gluconate)
Isopropyl Alcohol IP 70% v/v

Broad spectrum, persistent and cumulative antimicrobial activity which is effective for pre-operative patient preparation and post-operative skin antisepsis.
Kills bacteria and fungi as soon as it is applied on the skin.
Alcohol and CHG based antiseptic skin preparation which inhibits the growth of microbes where it is applied .
Penetrates scaly and cracked skin easily and is compatible to skin.

Benefits and Applications:
* Single Application. No need of layers. Prevents wastage of solution while application on patient's skin.
* Transparent Bottle with Volume Markings. Allows to measure the amount of solution used in a procedure.
* Rapid and Persistent Action. For instant and long lasting antimicrobial activity.