Littmann® White Light Optics Diagnostic Tools

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3M Littmann White Light Optics LED Diagnostic Set consists of:

Fibre Optic LED Otoscope

  • LED Illumination Provides 5500K pure white light for true tissue colour
  • Fibre Optics Producing a ring of even light for an unobstructed, glare-free view
  • Disposable Speculae (12 included) Affordable pack size for replacements promoting infection control (100, 1000)
  • 3 x Magnification Swivelling precision opticsRed

LED Ophthalmoscope

  • LED Technology Higher contrast to support efficient diagnosis compared to halogen or xenon bulbs
  • 18 Focusing Lenses A range of -20 to +20 dioptres. Easily adjustable aperture wheel
  • Parallel Optical Path Avoids corneal and iris reflexes
  • Soft Brow Rest Suitable for use with spectacles
  • 6 Apertures With easy-to-use aperture wheel